TJ Partner-Tryk

TJ Partner-Tryk I/S was established on September 1, 1993 as a strategic sales and production collaboration between Torben Jøhnke and Egå Etikettryk A/S, now FlexoPrint A/S.

Over the years, this collaboration has developed favourably, much to the joy of our customers and all the employees in the house. Therefore, we relocated to a new factory in Randers in January 2006.

Production facilities have been expanded and improved during the period, and today we have a very modern and future-proof printing company.

We design and produce almost all types of self-adhesive and non-adhesive labels, as well as special labels in up to 8 colours. These are produced on 10 rotary printing machines which run weekdays from 7 am to midnight in order to meet modern demands for quality and delivery security.

For further information, please contact:

TJ Partner-Tryk I/S

General Manager
Torben Jøhnke
Tlf.: 86 99 30 99

FlexoPrint AS

General Manager
Lars Ole Nauta
Tlf.:  20 28 75 11

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