Various Industries

At FlexoPrint AS we serve companies within many different industries in a number of European countries. Many of our customers are leading in their field and have high standards for professional know-how and sparring. We know that we can only establish long-term cooperative relations by adding value to our customers.


It is our ambition to always be customer oriented in both thought and action, to be familiar with the customer’s industry, and keep the customer’s production processes in mind. We do not want to skimp on effort or expenses to provide our customers the best service.

Environmental Supplement

FlexoPrint aims to have a good and healthy work environment, free of organic solvents, where we, among other things, collect and recycle our dyes and waste products, plus keep our energy consumption at an absolute minimum. Our environmental supplement contributes to some of the expenses FlexoPrint has in connection with handling, transportation, and disposal of e.g. rags, oils, cardboard, papier, and dyes. At the same time, the supplement helps to cover expenses in connection with various taxes, including energy taxes, and is also used for continuous environment improving measures.