Globally speaking, we are far from our goal …

But with Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH, we’re well on our way

One of the areas is deposit-return systems for disposable packaging of beverages.

Another area is development of recycled plastic, or types of plastic that are less environmentally damaging than traditional types of plastic.

The whole value chain must be included …

When you combine the two areas – and persuade the consumer to embrace the idea – that´s when you are going in the right direction.

In many places around the world, we see different types of deposit-refund systems and waste sorting systems. And Denmark largely keeps up. Danish deposit-return systems and bottle deposit are part of the Danish accepted standards – and we readily assume that all disposable packaging may be refunded at the reverse vending machine.

When 83 million people connect with a deposit-return system

In Germany, there is a sound understanding of the value of waste sorting. Since 2003, it has been legally required that producers, distributors and retail be part of a mandatory deposit-return system.

To realize the extensive obligations concerning the beverage industry within the area of deposit-return systems, the DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) was established in 2005 at the behest of the German trade sector, and the beverage industry.

DPG sets the legal and organizational framework for the settlement of deposit return among the businesses that participate.

For this purpose, DPG has developed a set of standards for a uniform labelling procedure. This enables automatic collection of disposable beverage packaging and management of the deposit-return system.

Competing on the German market

With the well known German “Ordnung muss sein”, and German thoroughness in waste sorting, you will unnecessarily inconvenience yourself if you enter the German beverage industry without being part of the DPG – actually, Germans take it for granted.

A very special deposit-return mark

Again, German thoroughness comes into play. When you have come so far in the procedure that you need to print DPG’s own deposit-return mark on your disposable beverage packaging.

The mark consists of DPG’s logo and barcode – and it must be printed with a very special safety printing ink, and the printing house must be certified by DPG – this puts a series of demands to the printing houses in question.

FlexoPrint has become certified, according to the strict rules of DPG, and can now proudly present itself as a DPG-certified printing house. This means that we have invested in quality improvements, and the framework to comply with new certifications. It also means that we can print labels with DPG deposit-return mark for those of our customers who want to supply to the German market.

A sustainable profile

At FlexoPrint, we have worked with the intent to achieve this DPG certification. We see it as a small step in the right direction for the environment; and, because it is in our DNA to work for a better world. So, it is a matter of course for us to advocate for the UN’s 17 sustainable world development goals.

Some may think that this is a greenwashing of FlexoPrint, but it is not.

Not only is it common sense, and responsibility; it is good business in a world that certainly moves toward sustainable development and far greater environmental and climate awareness.

Feel welcome to contact us and get to know more about our DPG certification – and about how we may help you with your DPG-approved deposit-return marking.

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