December 2014

2014 has in many ways been an interesting and exciting year for FlexoPrint.

Many of our existing customers are developing positively, and we are continuously getting new customers. All in all, this has meant a busy year, and we have had plenty to do in the production and in the office.

We believe this trend will continue and are currently considering various measures regarding continued high quality, flexible delivery service, and competitiveness.

Approved by the Food Administrations

As we have mentioned a few times, we were approved by the Danish Food Administration to print and laminate flexible foils which have direct contact to food products. Just like we, at the beginning of the year, hired Kim who hails from the foil industry and has many years of experience. He can professionally fill in and advise our customers about the different properties and production options. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your queries.

Our strengths regarding foils are: narrow tracks, small runs, quick delivery, and low startup costs



Remember that FlexoPrint can be found at LinkedIn. We would therefore like to encourage you to ”follow” us there, since we also in this manner will add relevant information regarding the market and our development.

Future Trends

It already exists in some places, but we now see a crystal clear trend towards increased focus on inventory and logistics solutions with maximum flexibility, and the lowest possible costs for customers.

At FlexoPrint it is by now a key area of competence to be able to give advice regarding interconnected operations, pooled operations, inventory solutions, frequent, regular deliveries, small and large runs in the same format, and, last, but not least, low costs.

Typically, very large potential savings can be found if we share our knowledge with each other and together attempt to think a little outside of the box regarding purchase, management, and production of labels.

Christmas/New Year

FlexoPrint shuts down production from Tuesday, December 23rd to January 5th.  The office is open December 29th and 30th, albeit to a limited degree. Therefore please remember to plan orders well in advance.

By sending out this newsletter, we wish our customers and partners a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.