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Orkla Foods Denmark has chosen us …

Here at FlexoPrint, we are very proud that Orkla Foods Denmark has chosen us as their supplier of self-adhesive labels – a key area for the vast majority of products from Orkla Foods Denmark.

We have signed a multi-year agreement and will, in close cooperation with Orkla Foods Denmark, develop and produce labels of very high quality for well-known A-brands such as:

• Den Gamle Fabrik (marmelade and jam)
• Bähncke (mustard, sauces and dressings)
• Beauvais (sauces, dressings, pickled greens and easy convenience dinners)
• Pastella (fresh fettuccine, filled pasta, tortellini, whole-grain pasta and vegetable pasta)
• K-Salat (lunchsalad and lunch accompaniments)

Orkla Foods Denmark represents the crowning achievement of a number of businesses whose histories on the Danish and Nordic markets are both long and rich in tradition. Today, Orkla Foods Denmark is one of the country’s most prominent grocery suppliers, borne by the high quality of its brands and the respect of Danish consumers.

Orkla Foods Denmark develops, manufactures and markets brand-name products made from top-quality raw materials. It is solidly grounded in Danish traditions and inspired by world cuisine.

Orkla Foods Denmark has always drawn us into the process at an early stage. They have made labeling an integral part of development, making it possible for us to provide advice at the right time so that together we can find optimal solutions. Orkla Foods Denmark has high standards for print quality, delivery and logistical services, uniformity and competitiveness. They expect us to be innovative, competent, ready to invest and able to maintain a solid position on the market – and all of these factors were taken into account in the choice of FlexoPrint as their collaborating partner.

For further information please contact:

Lars Ole Nauta
Mobil: 20 28 75 11

Key Account Manager
Peter Thygesen
Mobil: 20 28 15 35