Update on Corona virus
Version 2 – 30. marts

Dear Customers,

The situation for companies in Denmark is changing day to day.

As earlier described, we have at Flexoprint made several measures to minimize the effect of infection at our factories, these measures have done that we still produced with close to full capacity and is able to provide service to our customers at a high level.
At the moment we experience a very high order intake, which is positive for us all.

We are up against, that most countries at a certain level have closed down. For that reason, people do not have the same opportunities to for example go to the restaurant, which have meant a bigger expenditure on grocery from the super markets. We see a tendency that delivery times on raw material is increased, because this also gives our suppliers on raw material a very high order intake.

Some of our suppliers have also closed few of their factories, this also put pressure on the delivery time.

We are constantly in dialogue with all our suppliers and do everything to keep the delivery time at a minimum, but this is a challenge and it will make the delivery times longer.

It is therefore at upmost importance that you order in a as timely matter as possible and by that gives us as longest possible delivery time.

If we help each other in this way, we keep the opportunity to plan most effective.

Do you have further questions to the situation at FlexoPrint, have no trouble in contacting your account manager or feel free to call me.

We thank you for you continued good cooperation and your future orders.

Best regards
Lars Ole Nauta
+45 20287511

Update on Corona virus
Version 1 – 20. marts

Dear Customers,

The situation in Denmark changed yesterday with the public non-critical functions got locked down with effect from the weekend. Therefore, we would like to inform you on how we minimize the infection risk and follow the governmental recommendations.

As the situation is per today, we would like to reassure you that:

  • FlexoPrint follows and ensures the highest level of compliance to all governmental recommendations and have per today implemented several employee and supplier guidelines to minimize the risk. All our employees have been contacted and is informed regarding the changes.
    Ongoing we monitor the changed recommendations from the government.

    • We have among other things, implemented prohibition on our normal overlap in production between employees.
    • Made new guidelines on unloading and loading trucks.
    • Set up new actions which are ready to be implemented if needed.
  • We run at nearly full capacity and is limited affected by Corona, both in our offices or production sites.
  • There are no problems with sourcing our raw material. We have a daily communication with our suppliers, but as the situation is today, everything is close to normal.
  • No employee at FlexoPrint has been / is in quarantine or infected due to Corona virus.
  • To reduce the risk of infection by Corona virus and protect both our employees and customers, new compliance has been sent to all our suppliers.
  • An internally task force has been created, where we monitor the risk and make new initiatives to reduce the risk of infection. Also, we have made a contingency plan ready to be implemented, if FlexoPrint directly will be hit by quarantine or infection by Corona – hereof our customers supply will be touched minimally.
  • However, we ask you due to this situation that you order you labels quickest possible and with best possible delivery time. In this way we can adapt and adapt our capacity best way possible.

Do you have any further questions to the situation at FlexoPrint, please contact your sales rep.

Peter Thygesen
+45 20281535

Jesper Knudsen
+45 31631775

Dorthe Løvstad
+45 20636080

We thank you for your continued good cooperation and future orders.

Best regards
Lars Ole Nauta
+45 20287511