April 2015

FlexoPrint AS has bought H&P Etiketten

As the most recent acquisition, FlexoPrint AS has, through FP Holding, bought H&P Etiketten near Salzbergen in Germany. H&P Etiketten is a relatively large printing company with 38 employees, and situated in an area where a large part of the German food industry is located. The acquisition should be seen as part of the future strategy, where we in part want to service Danish companies with productions south of the border, and also in general service and seek out the German market.

Coupon /Multilayer Labels

FlexoPrint can now in earnest offer coupon and multilayer labels which are printed and produced at H&P Etiketten. Here they excel in making these ”niche products” for which there is a larger and more widespread demand for, among other things, campaign activities, recipes, competitions etc. or where a large amount of information on a small area is needed.

Flexible Foils

As we have mentioned previously, flexible foils are an area of growth for FlexoPrint, and we are now truly beginning to see our eligibility on the market. We are, as a printing company, approved by the Danish Food Administration according to several regulations, and have declarations of conformity and data sheets on all our foil products. We are heavily investing in new technology, so that we, also in the foil area, can offer consistent high quality and competitiveness.
Our strengths are: narrow tracks, fast delivery, and very low costs.

New Printing Machine

FlexoPrint has just decided to invest in a completely new printing machine. A little over two years ago, we bought a new printing machine that is among the most high-tech on the flexo print market, and now we are buying another. The new printing machine will moreover be connected to several new facilities which meet the production requirement of both flexible foils and labels. We expect it to be ready for production sometime during September and look forward to informing our customers about the new options.


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